The Rise of the Tote Bag in Brooklyn - Get Yours at Friends NYC

The Rise of the Tote Bag in Brooklyn - Get Yours at Friends NYC

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If there's one thing New Yorkers can agree on, it's that the tote bag is essential to life in the city. We often spend epic days on the go from one thing to the next, and with a cute tote in tow, we are guaranteed everything we need at any moment throughout the day. From getting to work to your happy hour meet up to a quick shopping trip to a long night out, your tote gets you through. So, we believe one can never have too many

street style with tote bag

Friends x Maptote Bushwick Canvas Tote Bag

canvas bushwick tote friends maptote

Step aside, Telfar, you want your trendy tote bag status symbol? Then you need this exclusive collab with our friends at Maptote. THIS is the Bushwick Birkin you always knew you needed. The front design displays a unique hand drawn map highlighting our Bushwick neighborhood. You can find our shop right on there 😉. And the tote bag itself is without a zipper, a larger size, and with sturdier handles that will fit fully underarm for easy carrying home from the grocery store or farmer's market.

Brooklyn Grocery Tote Bag

Bushwick too specific for you? Why not rep' the whole borough? This sturdy canvas tote bag is the perfect side kick for any activity. Just fill it up and throw it over your shoulder for easy, everyday use. There's even an interior pocket. What special item do YOU keep in an interior pocket? Check out our other Brooklyn styles as well, including the Brooklyn Shopper Canvas Tote Bag or the Le Brooklyn Screen Printed Cutie.

Friends x Stems Flower Canvas Tote Bag

For your more heavy duty tote bag needs, all hail the other exclusive collab Friends did with Stems BrooklynCentered on the front is a black screen printed floral doodle by local artist and friend of the shop, Grace Miceli. The well constructed tote features a red reinforced base that runs through the straps. Handy key fob strap helps you avoid the “where are my keys” moment at your building’s stoop. Back side gives a shout to the collab partners themselves ;)

Brooklyn Wine Canvas Tote Bag

The most wonderful time of the day is when it comes time to grab your take-home bottle of natural wine for the night. You need a cute canvas Brooklyn wine tote to carry it home in style. Front design for tote bag shows a blue wine bottle with Brooklyn lettering fitting within. Back side design lists all the neighborhoods in Brooklyn - so cute!

Mushroom Daughters Tote Bag

We're still in the mushroom moment, are you? Then you need this cute mushroom tote for your collection! Features 2 asymmetrically placed illustrations of speckled mushrooms with lady legs stylized as the mushroom stems. Unique and quirky, this tote bag satisfies the mushroom aesthetic and cottage core enthusiasts eyes. Please note that this is a thinner fabric tote made for more casual use. A tres chic mushroom accessory. We have another mushroom tote here! Or peruse our full collection of mushroom accessories here!

Hudson Valley Canvas Tote Bag

And, finally, sometimes we need to remind ourselves that New York City isn't the only place in New York. Hudson Valley - depicted on this tote bag - in upstate New York is another gem of the Empire State. Filled with the Hudson Valley towns and landmarks. Use this canvas tote bag at an upstate farmer's market and you'll fit right in.

Shop the entire collection here! We think all these totes are TOTES cool just like you!