BFF with Burnin’ For You

BFF with Burnin' For You

As our frequent shoppers know, Burnin' For You candles are a Friends fave <3.  Brooklyn-based Alex Andrade makes the smooth scents that we crave (plus, they make pretty great holiday gifts!). With so many awesome scents, we had to ask Alex our (new & improved) Friends questionnaire so we could get a peak behind where all the magical scents come from!  Check our web store for our faves (and super popular) scents Faraway Beach & Mojave Daydream


Friends: What's your favorite item in your wardrobe?

Alex: A custom black silk dressing gown by Catherine D'Lish.

F: What’s your best vintage score? 

A: Deadstock 70's Egyptian gold pendants.

F: What’s your favorite scent? 

A: Mad Et Len's Madam Marty. 

F: Your favorite movie?

A: The Telephone Book by Nelson Lyon.

F: Best trip you’ve taken? 

A: My travels overseas have all been significant in shaping Burnin' For You, but I often return to the Mojave.

F: Where did you grow up? 

A: CT and various parts of Europe. 

F: What’s your favorite NYC secret?

A: Film Noir Cinema



Friends & Burnin' For You