Black Friday Sale and Deals at Friends NYC in Brooklyn, NY

Black Friday with your BFFs! 20% OFF!

Calling all witches! Black Friday is nigh! But don’t sell your soul to the big-box retailers out there. Celebrate this blackest of days by supporting your local BFF stores, like Friends NYC!

20% off EVERYTHING in store and online this year!

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No, Black Friday not actually a day for cultivating the dark arts, but this epic shopping day does commence in the witching hours of the night. The day after Thanksgiving, Black Friday, is the official kick off of the Christmas shopping season, and businesses like to get the party started with massive sales. Historically, people have lined up before the sun comes up outside their favorite stores to get their hands on the best bargains. But now we live in a world where this can all be done online. Either way, people go a bit mad for the Black Friday deals!

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There is no reason to wait for Small Business Saturday to shop at your favorite local spots. Get started on Black Friday! When you support local businesses, you are adding to the vibrancy of your community. It would be a dark dark day indeed if a Wal-mart or, heaven forbid, an Amazon brick-and-mortar moved onto Bogart Street. We are all about the community spirit at Friends NYC. This is especially crucial as everyone finds their way into new rhythms after the pandemic crushed so many small businesses. So, be cool and shop small this year.

Black Friday With Your Bffs! 20% Off!

Whether you choose to shop online or come see us in the store, you will receive 20% off of EVERYTHING. Get some!!

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