Father’s Day Feature: Ben Starmer from Dad Grass. Let’s Hear it for the Dads!

Father's Day Feature: Ben Starmer from Dad Grass. Let's Hear it for the Dads!

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Father’s Day is just around the corner. It’s time celebrate the dads or dad-figures in our lives. And time to start thinking about Father's Day Gifts! We couldn’t think of a better person to catch up with than Ben Starmer, co-founder of Dad Grass, in anticipation of the holiday. We are big fans of his products and think they are a perfect gift idea for the big day! If not for your dad, then for yourself to be relaxed on what can be a complicated holiday for some :)

As Ben and I (Bones, the blog writer for Friends) chatted while putting this together, we learned that HIS dad lives in the same town I grew up in and where I currently reside, and his aunt was my high school Drama and English teacher. The world is small and magic like that sometimes.

Without further ado, let’s hear all about Ben and his wonderful company in his own words.

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Tell us all about Dad Grass! The who, what, where, when, why of your company…

Hi! We started Dad Grass because we believe that today's weed gets you too damn high! Not that there's anything wrong with getting super high, but there just wasn't an option in dispensaries that didn't send you (us) to the moon. So, we wanted to create a high quality, lower potency option for everyone that felt this way, too. Through this process we found out about smokable hemp which has only 0.3% THC but is really high in CBD (which was made federally legal in 2018, thanks to the Farm Bill). We were skeptical at first, it turns out this was exactly what we were looking for - a joint that gave you a subtle euphoric feeling that mellowed your mind and relaxed your body, all while keeping a clear head.

What is your connection to Friends NYC?

We met the lovely ladies of Friends NYC at a trade show, and we've been, well, FRIENDS ever since.

Who are you, the person behind the company? Where you’re from, where you live, the roads traveled to get to where you are…

My name is Ben Starmer, and I co-founded the brand with my good bud Joshua Katz. We met while working at Levi's over a decade ago and always had the idea for Dad Grass and wanted to bring it to life. One thing led to another and after years of talking about it, it came to fruition, launching in March of 2020.


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With Father’s Day on the horizon, how do you usually celebrate the holiday? (If you do!)  

Well, first and foremost, I try to prepare about a week earlier when I write my folks a card (write your parents a card, kids!). On the big day, it's a treat to be able to spend time with them, but if we're geographically challenged, then a nice long call and catchup is always great. Pro-tip: Dad Grass just happens to be the perfect gift if you need any ideas 😎

Cards are important! We have a bunch of Father's Day Cards available for you to peruse at Friends here! And of course, we concur that Dad Grass is the perfect gift.


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What are you most proud of with your company?

Oh man, we really feel so lucky to be able to do this.  We strive to put smiles on peoples faces, so what really lights me up when strangers get as much joy out of Dad Grass as we do. We started the brand with a suspicion that other folks felt the same way about cannabis as we did, so this whole amazing community has come together and embraced Dad Grass and it really warms my heart.  Oh, and our recent project with the George Harrison estate is still in that "pinch us" phase, we're completely humbled to have had that opportunity.

Hey, we carry those Dad Grass x George Harrison Stash Pre-rolls here! Super cool, Ben!

Father’s Day Feature: Ben Starmer From Dad Grass. Let’s Hear

What is the biggest challenge in running your company?

There's a lot, but we're blessed to have them. I think our biggest challenge is reminding ourselves to be patient. We have a million ideas and are excited to bring them all to life, but as a small team and company, we need to be focused to make sure that everything we do, we meet our expectations and the expectations of the Dad Grass community. This means being focused and being ok with saying 'not now' to really fun projects. That said, we have some really fun stuff coming out soon.

What’s your favorite stoney treat?

Ice cream! Jenny's, Van Leeuwen and Milkbar have been hitting especially nicely recently. And of course, the OG, Ben & Jerry's Half Baked (any of y'all want to collab?!)

Father’s Day Feature: Ben Starmer From Dad Grass. Let’s Hear

What is something you are looking forward to right now, either personally or with your business?

Summertime! From a business perspective we have some amazing stuff on the horizon and a whole bunch of other fun stuff going on. Personally I'm excited for weekend getaways, camping, BBQ's, bike trips, outdoor concerts and all the other cliché activities that make summer summer.

Any BFF companies you’d like to shout out for our radars?

So many good folks and rad brands out there right now. In the cannabis world, we're loving everything our friends at Sackville have been up to, Rose Delights is continuing to blow our minds, we have a huge amount of respect for Houseplant and everything they've been doing from a house-wear perspective. In the non-cannabis world I can't get enough of Ruby's new sparkling hibiscus drink.

We also love and carry Sackville at Friends. And my mouth is watering for a sparkling hibiscus. Thanks so much, Ben! It was wonderful to chat with you.

Everyone else, time to get your CBD and chill on! Dad Grass FTW!