Friends NYC Vendor Highlight: Canna Style

Friends NYC Vendor Highlight: Canna Style

What's up, Stoner Boos and Baes! If you're a regular in our cute smoke shop at Friends NYC, you're probably familiar with our friends and NYC neighbors, Canna Style, but if not, allow us to introduce you! They make all the cute + aesthetic smoke accessories we LOVE.

Canna Style was created "with the girls, the gays, and the theys in mind." Founder Amanda Smith wanted to carve out a space in the male-dominated sphere for the rest of us. Her company is female owned and over 90% of the team are female or members of the LBGTQ community. We asked her how it's all going and she said, "It’s going great. Canna Style has grown so much larger and faster than I ever imagined. I think we finally have given voice a lot of smokers that have been under-represented in the cannabis space for too long."

We love to hear it! You can shop Canna style here at the Friends NYC smoke shop. We've got the full Canna Style collection here, or peep five of our faves below!

1. Rose Cones - 8 Pack

Friends Nyc Vendor Highlight: Canna Style

Everything is coming up roses with these cute pre-rolls. You get 8 cones per pack. 109mm pre-rolled cone with a 26mm crutch. All cute and modern gothic romance vibes here. Don't forget to stock up on the Cherry Cones and the Halloween Cones, too!

2. Cottage Core Joint Card Case

Friends Nyc Vendor Highlight: Canna Style

Amanda says portable smoking accessories are the product everyone sleeps on. Grab one of these cuties to pack up your pre-rolls, so they're not crushed in your tote bag! The cottage core trend isn’t just about home decor or vintage dressing! Incorporate this feminine vibe into your smoking accessory arsenal.

3. Cherry Spoon

Friends Nyc Vendor Highlight: Canna Style

What's better than 1 bowl? 2! You find one on each cherry stem with this delicious food novelty spoon from Canna Style. Each bowl works independently, so you can smoke one bowl at a time. And of course you can smoke both bowls at the same time! Carb located on both bowls.

4. Hot Girl Shit Rolling Tray

Friends Nyc Vendor Highlight: Canna Style

We are down with the hot girl shit at Friends NYC, and especially with this rolling tray. All hail Megan Thee Stallion. Herbs looking hottt against the magenta pink. Perfectly sized to fit on your lap while you do your hot girl rolling thang. We've also got the Mini Strawberry Rolling Tray, perfect for making your mini joints. Canna Style's Amanda is a self-proclaimed lightweight and says her favorite smoke accessory is a mini-joint. We feel ya! Perfect for on the go, and for folx like Amanda who don't want a whole joint in one sitting :)

5. Tarot Card Ashtray - The High Priestess

Friends Nyc Vendor Highlight: Canna Style

Channel The High Priestess the next time you roll up. This tarot card ashtray is styled in the traditional Rider-Waite fashion with the High Priestess chilling with her cat. Glazed and shining, the ashtray is outlined in a black border with 4 resting grooves. A great smoking accessory if you find yourself using smoking herbs as part of your meditation or ritual practices. Looking for another ash tray style? Hop on that mushroom trend with this Mushroom Ashtray.

There's more in the full collection here!

In addition to all the cute stuff they make, we love what Canna Style stands for:

"Our mission is to give you products that resonate with your lifestyle, fit your personality, and bring you joy with each puff. Our products are designed to fit beautifully in with your home decor, no more hiding your smoking accessories away!" 

Smoke 'em if you got 'em, friends, and if you don't got 'em, you're just a click away. Canna Style Forever.