Give Good Gifts: 5 Libra Season Gifting Ideas

When it comes to finding the perfect gift for those the celebrate Libra season, it’s all about balance. Libras most appreciate thoughtful and practical gifts that are also aesthetically pleasing. Here are a few ideas to get you started - find more in our Gifts for Libras curation!

1. A Beautiful Bouquet of Flowers

Mini Flower Gem Bouquet Figurine | Gift for Libra

The Libra in your life will go crazy for a beautiful bouquet of flowers. This is the perfect gift for them, as it is both beautiful and stylish. Go real of go faux with this gem bouquet. Sweetly show how that you care about them with the Sweet Thought brass charm and small poem attached. Available in 3 shades, although we recommend the pink because it is the a Libra color :)

2. A Luxurious Candle

Maison Louis Marie No.4 Candle - Bois de BalincourtMaison Louis Marie No. 4 Body and Hand Lotion - Bois de Balincourt
Many say Libra is the sign of quiet luxury, so what could be more perfect for them than a luxurious candle? Not only will it look great in their home, but it will also fill the air with a beautiful scent. Choose a candle with a floral or light earthy fragrance for the best effect. We recommend the Maison Louis Marie No 4 Candle. Plus, if they enjoy that candle you can gift them the No 4 lotion or perfume in the future.

3. A Whimsical JournalValfré - Moon Calling Journal | Gift for Libra
If you know a Libra, you know that they love beauty in everyday items. Show your Libra friend that you appreciate them with a well-designed journal - remember they are the sign of quiet luxury. Look for a journal that will make them feel good every time they open it. Consider one with beautiful artwork on the cover like this Valfré one featuring a beautiful lunar lady. Whatever you choose, make sure it's something that will make the Libra in your life feel loved and appreciated.

4. An Aesthetic Lighter 

Astrology BIC Lighter | Zodiac Sign Lighters | Friends NYC Smoke Shop
If you know a Libra who loves 420 things, they'll definitely appreciate an astrology lighter featuring their own sign! For real though, for Libras, smoking sessions are just as much about the look as the delivery. Create a fire mood with the thoughtful lighter while they calm down and balance their scales out.

5. Jewels and Justice

Libra Zodiac Medallion Necklace | Gifts for Libra 

Libras love a good accessory - and they also love justice and balance! Let your Libra friend wear this Zodiac Medallion necklace with pride, being the only inanimate object in the whole gang. This necklace is easy to style because of it's solid gold color through and subtle symbolism.

You can check out all of our gift for Libras recs in the Libra Season gift collection! Remember, whatever you choose, make sure it is as pleasing to look at as it is thoughtful - Libras will absolutely cherish those gifts!