Meet our #VIF Jenna Josespher!

Meet our #VIF Jenna Josespher!

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We caught up with very important friend and creative director, Jenna Josepher, on what inspires her and three things she can’t live without  - plus learn more on why she chose Exponents as her non-profit benefactor for this month’s VIF partnership! Shop Jenna’s Top 20 here and use her code JENNAVIF for 20% off + 5% of every order goes toward Exponents!

Meet our #vif Jenna Josespher!
Currently living:11206, just like Friends NYC :)

Preferred Pronouns: She/they.

Instagram: @deejennarate

I am a: Creative director.

Go to self care rituals: Extensive at-home facials, talk therapy, catching up with friends.

If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be? Castelvetrano olives.

Next vacation destination ASAP: Anywhere! lol!

Fashion trend I’m crushing on: Masks.

Meet our #vif Jenna Josespher! 
Who is your female muse / major inspo? My friends. I love them. They are great. 

3 essentials you can’t live withoutLiving libations seabuckthorn oil, the beach, cats.

Favorite Girl Group of All TimeTLC.

Last instagram account I followed? @sadistitt I don't know them but I like their vibe. 


LoveMaking new friends... especially as an adult!

Tell me about why you picked Exponents? Exponents is a local organization that has helped over 11,000 people in NYC who have HIV/AIDS, substance abuse issues, and/or who have been recently incarcerated. Their harm reduction and class-based approach gives people the tools to take better care of themselves. Exponents (particularly the ARRIVE program) meets people where they're at in life, meaning you don't have to be sober (or make any additional life changes) to participate. They acknowledge that growth is a process and that showing up in the first place indicates a mental shift towards your own betterment. The foundation of everything they teach is self respect and respect for others. It's very human.
Meet our #vif Jenna Josespher!

How do you get in the zone and get creative? There's really no surefire way for me at this point. This year has pushed me to reframe the context of my work and my priorities in general, so I've been adjusting accordingly.

First childhood art-making memory? I think I was 3, it was the first time I painted something that I thought actually LOOKED like a thing. I thought it looked like a chicken. It did not. My mom was very supportive of my art; she hung it anyway.
Shop Jenna’s Top 20 here and use her code JENNAVIF for 20% off + 5% of every order goes toward Exponents!