Mushroom Power! Rompotodo x Friends Collab // Q & A with Creator Niki Chataldjkian

Mushroom Power! Rompotodo x Friends Collab // Q & A with Creator Niki Chataldjkian

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In a time that feels totally psychedelic, it’s easy to understand why mushrooms have once again become such a hot trend - from mushroom home decor, accessories, to smoke goods. We at Friends NYC are very excited to announce our collaboration with Rompotodo on this exclusive, limited release, mushroom vase! It’s totally FUN(gi) and making us feel all kinds of MUSHY about our brilliant friends in the southern hemisphere. We need you to know all about them, too. So, read on for more...

Mushroom Vase Collab - Friends NYC x Rompotodo Collab Artist

Hello, Rompotodo! We're so excited to chat with you today and tell our readers about the mushroom collab that's in the works. Let's start with the basics. Please, introduce yourself and tell us about Rompotodo!

Hi! My name is Niki, I’m a curious mind located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Rompotodo used to be my @ handle, it means something like “I break everything” and it’s related to my feelings. I’ve always felt myself as a misfit, like a piece of a puzzle which didn’t quite fit anywhere, so I always felt I disrupted everything.

I found ceramics as a medium 6 years ago. I’ve been always inclined to do stuff with my hands. I feel very grateful that it opened a new universe for me as I am able to materialize my thoughts 💕

Friends has been carrying your products for years, but this is the first collaboration. Can you tell us a little bit about how this connection came to be, and what you are creating together?

I love the Friends universe, and when they came to me with this project of a collaboration, I felt it was a great opportunity to create something fun and cute to help everyone enlighten and uplift their days. Mushroom was the premise, and for me, mushrooms represent magic and connectivity because they live and expand to almost everywhere in this world. They’re a key part of the life circle, and some of them also expand mind consciousness. What a being!

mushroom vase ceramics

It's been a challenging couple of years for everyone. How has the pandemic affected Rompotodo? What are your hopes and plans for this new year?

2020 and 2021 were really challenging for me. I lost someone I loved, and I wasn’t able to be close enough for them because of the pandemic. It was really sad and that, added to the fact that the whole family routine was upside down, made me feel super stressed. I’ve been dragged away from the joy of creating, not to mention posting on internet… I’m grateful I’ve been patient with myself (even when I was bottom down).

I’m approaching this 2022 with a different energy: prioritizing love, calmness, care and awareness. Globally I hope for a collective awakening so we can save our home: planet earth.

Where do you get your creative inspiration from?

I create as a form of catharsis: sometimes I daydream a lot and many objects come from there. Most of them are tools that would be useful for my everyday life. I like the idea of contributing to bring change to this world. I create from there too.

rompotodo friends mushroom vase process

We love that you are based in Buenos Aires. What's the artistic/maker scene like down there?

Buenos Aires is something special. I know a lot of people who have amazing projects and I see shops who are putting a lot of energy, figuring out how to make things work here, but this country has always been a political and economical mess. You can see it reflected everyday in the lack of support for us, the citizens; resources and materials are limited and there are not many options. Things are overpriced and people are underpaid… it’s kind of a challenge to thrive :/

What's your favorite thing to do when you're not working on Rompotodo?

When I’m not working, I like to spend quality time with my kids (6 and 10). We play video games, watch movies, Anime, cook stuff and play with our pets. I can get really tired sometimes (actually frequently lol) so I like to spend time doing nothing on my couch or outside on the patio. 

mushroom vase

How do you unwind/relax?

I’m really into relaxing bc I tend to over stress a lot. I would say therapy is my main weekly source of grounding. I do mindfulness and focus on my breathing when I can. I prioritize resting and CBD/THC helps a lot on the daily basis.

Any fun facts about you that you'd like to share with our readers?

Hmm… I love how mornings smell, I like to observe nature, I play video games almost everyday, and I dream a lot about having a big garden and my studio next to it.

Any other Argentinean businesses or artists you would like to put on our radars?

I'm a fan of @dinosaurioilustracion and Chilean artist @milohachim. Every time I see their work it makes me feel happy. I like to take care of my skin with @larosabotanicos products and I enjoy my morning coffee in a @martinapalaciosceramicas‘s cup

Any words of advice for living your best life in 2022?

Let’s work on compassion and caring for the planet, everything else will come as a consequence of this.

We couldn't have said it better ourselves. Thank you so much for your perspective, your openness and your heart. We are honored to have joined forces with you for this project. Thank you, Niki, and thank you Rompotodo 

friends nyc x rompotodo mushroom vase