Staff Picks: Boy Smells Candles Edition

In honor of our annual - we repeat - ONE TIME A YEAR(!!) - Boy Smells candle sale, we wanted to give you some insider recommendations from our store staff! If you haven't tried Boy Smells yet, the sale on August 15th is the perfect time to start collecting.

Boy Smells scented candles themselves are famous for their excellent throw, chic vessel aesthetic, and bottom line some of the best home fragrances you will ever find! Even better - and why we are one of the OG stockists of Boy Smells candles - is the story, values, and aesthetic behind their brand. 

Committed to being beyond the binary, Boy Smells scents and their uniqueness sets them apart from rest of the candle world. Masculine? Feminine? Try genderful! - Boy Smells' one word summation of their vibe.

Convinced yet? Okay cool - here are some candle recs by the friendliest of folks in Brooklyn!

Staffer Divine holds her fave Boy Smells candle Cameo
Divine’s Pick: Cameo
“Cameo is my absolute favorite candle. It has a fresh rose scent that makes you feel like you're laying in a garden.” 🌹

Beautifully fruity and refreshing, Boy Smells Cameo really serves when it comes to creating a crisp scentscape. An ideal choice for the setting a date night mood - especially if you upgrade to the magnum size bb! Features top notes of bergamot, lemon peel, crystallized ginger, and mandarin.

Staffer River holds their fave Boy Smells Candle, Ash

River’s Pick: Ash 
ASH is such a dreamy scent if you like campfire smells but want something a little sweet and subtle, gives me the coziest feeling.” 🏕🔥

The Boy Smells Ash Candle features top notes of lemon, clove leaf and hay. Other notes in the mix that peek through are charcoal and smoked amyris. This candle definitely smells like a summer spent outside but as River shared, and will continue the cozy vibes into the colder months.

Staffer Eli holds their fave Boy Smells candle, Marble Fruit

Eli’s Pick: Marble Fruit

I love the combination of floral jasmine overtones combined with a deep sandalwood musk! It is the perfect scent for a cozy night in with friends. 🙂"

Boy Smells Candle in Marble Fruit scent is the newest addition the Boy Smells fam at Friends NYC! As Eli describes, this scent is a wondrous and unique combination of fruity + floral + woods - a perfect summer into fall transition ofc. Features top notes of pear, pink peppercorn, nectarine and cinnamon.

Remember - don't miss our once a year Boy Smells sale, happening August 15th online and in store! Visit the Pink and Black mainline collection and get your carts ready. Pssst...are you local to NYC? Skip the lines and select in store pick so you aren't pressed if your fave scent sells out!