Sunday Spotlight: Shaya & Phil from Hart Apothecary

Sunday Spotlight: Shaya & Phil from Hart Apothecary

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This week we had a chance to talk with Shaya Tackaberry and Phil Herrold from Hart Apothecary! Hart Apothecary creates cruelty-free and all-natural CBD skincare products. Recently, we started carrying the first product from their Brooklyn based brand. It's a luxurious CBD rosewater face mist that soothes and calms your skin. It's has such a beautiful scent and refreshes with just a few spritzes, so we had to reach out and learn more about how it came to be!

Sunday Spotlight: Shaya & Phil from Hart Apothecary

Becca: First off, can you tell me about you both and how the company came to be?

 Shaya: Totally! We became friends a couple years ago through a mutual friend and started hanging out a bunch on weekends shopping and going to yoga. We would throw ideas back and forth for a fun side hustle, and that’s when Hart Apothecary came to fruition. During the day, Phil designs Men’s fashion, and I work at a tech startup. We thought our business experience, love of fashion and beauty was the perfect mesh to get Hart Apothecary off the ground. We also have a friend who’s a Pharmacist and advises on our formulations so that’s really helpful.  

 Phil: Shaya turned me on to beauty products, specifically face mist, oils and moisturizer. I used CBD occasionally but found all of the tinctures and concentrated oils cumbersome, and frankly, kind of confusing. This company also wasn’t made with the idea of dollar signs rolling in. We really just want to share the benefits of CBD and our product with the world. Hart Apothecary is about love and making people feel good about themselves. This product and all of our future products set out to be extremely inclusive and unisex.


B: Why put CBD on your face?

 S: CDB has been around since the 1940’s and has super healing powers. A lot of people don’t know much about it and think they will get “high” but CBD is the non-psychoactive oil of the cannabinoid plant. I think right now there is a huge trend in the wellness & beauty industry and consumers are looking to plants and ancient healing techniques to use in their daily beauty routine, instead of man made products full of chemicals. Also, more people are looking to CBD for pain management topically (vs. oral medication from Big Pharma) and anxiety treatment, I can attest it’s worked for mine!

 P: I agree, CBD also has a crazy amount of positive topical effects that would surprise you! For example, it has anti-aging properties, helps combat eczema, and even acts as a minor SPF. I also dislike colognes and perfumes and I think our formula smells subtle and natural. The rose water and aloe combined are really hydrating.

 S: Amen to the SPF piece-I recently had a friend send us a message that our mist helped clear up her sunburn in less than 24 hours!


B: Here at Friends, we believe in taking care of yourself and making yourself feel special! What are each of your favorite self-care practices?

 S: I tried to go to hot yoga at least twice a week and have been practicing since my early 20’s. I’m currently into Y7, they have candlelight classes w/hip hop music, it’s so fun! I try decompress in the woods somewhere every month or two! Shut off all the screens, cook yummy food, and sit by a fireplace. I drink a LOT of water- I love Sakara Life- Beauty & Detox concentrates, they help with my daily vitamins & minerals intake. Another practice for an added immunity boost, I’ve also recently rediscovered bone broths to drink (add a little Sriracha or cheyenne) which are the best for detox, warding off the flu, & full of so many nutrients.

 P: Exercise is number one for me. I feel so level headed and refreshed after a long run or spin class. I also love cuddling with my puggle for some stress relief. My husband and I’s favorite weekend activity is hiking upstate at Breakneck Ridge or camping at our favorite campground in Maryland. Although I love New York it definitely can be overwhelming, so i think reconnecting with nature is a great way to check in with yourself.



Sunday Spotlight: Shaya & Phil from Hart ApothecarySunday Spotlight: Shaya & Phil from Hart Apothecary

B: How should you use the CBD face mist? 

P: You should use it all day! It’s the first thing I do in the morning and the last thing I do before bed. The smell and effect is really calming so I use it frequently throughout the day as a “mini break” to check back in with my body and mind. I spray it 3-4 times on my face and just let it sink in. I also do a spray for my hair because it helps create a little bit of volume.

S: Ditto. All day long! I love using it with a face oil at night, and I look forward to that moment of the day right before bed.


B: Moving forward, what's coming up next from Hart Apothecary?

 S: I think our CBD Face Oil is what’s next. My husband and our friends have been testing it and they are obsessed. It’s really good for beards, sensitive skin and cold weather because oil doesn’t freeze in your pores like moisturizers can.

P: We’re so excited to begin expanding our product line. There are a couple products in the works but we don’t want to rush anything into production until we’re positive it’s perfect.

B: Locally made products like yours are what make Friends shine! What are you favorite things to do here in Brooklyn?

 P: I do a competition based spin class in Williamsburg every Saturday and Sunday morning which all my friends know I don’t skip (even for brunch). I take it pretty seriously and like to start my weekend mornings winning! I also recently rescued a dog we named Blanche and we love taking her to dog friendly bars and parks in the neighborhood.

 S: I love biking and walking around Brooklyn with my husband Christian. Hitting up comedy or trivia with friends, trying new breweries, thrifting, finding new eateries, coffee shops, and grocery stores! I am a sucker for a local farmers market and a plush produce stand. If I’m home, I’m usually chilling with my two dogs in my backyard.

Sunday Spotlight: Shaya & Phil from Hart Apothecary 

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Come in to our Bushwick storefront and try Hart Apothecary's face mist out for yourself! We also carry a wide range of CBD products such as tinctures, vape pens, bath bombs, gummies, honey sticks, dog treats, lip balm and so much more. See you soon!