Vendor Highlight: Flower by Edie Parker

Vendor Highlight: Flower by Edie Parker

420 but make it fashion? Yes, please! Friends NYC is all about "high" fashion, which is why we can't wait to introduce you to one of our fave flower power fierce fashionista friends, Edie Parker. 

Founded in 2010 in New York City by Brett Heyman, Edie Parker emerged from Brett’s love of mid-century style and her passion for collecting vintage handbags from this era. After scouring the thrift and vintage stores looking for the long lost designers, she realized she could fill the void and make these bags herself for the new generation. 

Then came the Flower line. Once again pushing the boundaries of expectation, Edie Parker fully merged the worlds of fashion and flower, and we can't get enough.

"Since the brand’s inception, Edie Parker has used the highest quality materials to create original pieces that speak for themselves. Produced exclusively in America and Italy by skilled artisans, Edie Parker crafts pretty things to make you happy."

The HOLIDAZE are here, and it's time to shop for all your stylish stoner sisters. Or pick up a little somethin' somethin' for yourself. This is what we've got at Friends from Edie Parker:


Vendor Highlight: Flower By Edie Parker

Super thin, patterned rice rolling papers from Edie Parker. Featuring rainbow daisy flower print all over the transparent paper. Use these for joyful smokes.


 Vendor Highlight: Flower By Edie Parker

Oh, hey! We've also got those cuties in green! Green flower, get it? 40 papers per pack gives you many chances to look HOT while you light up.


Vendor Highlight: Flower By Edie Parker

Add to your stoner aesthetic with the Edie Parker designed custom matchbooks. The matchsticks themselves are made to look like Edie Parker green daisy papers once all rolled up with lavender strike heads. So cute!


Vendor Highlight: Flower By Edie Parker

Tired of the daily grind? Neon-hued Edie Parker grinder and stash case is sure to make things a little smoother. We love the little flower on top! Reads "Weedie Parker" on the side.


Vendor Highlight: Flower By Edie Parker

What an aPEELing way to smoke up. Edie Parker does it again with their new banana printed pre-roll cones, ready for you to enjoy! Just add the herb of your choice, get it perfectly filled with the aid of the included tamping stick, and twist shut. Cones feature a green filter tip with white daisies.

Lookie here! Trend-Forecaster girly Mandy Lee shares her holiday picks and there's a whole bunch of Weedie Parker in there, as well as that WEED stash bag we are living for.

Shop the whole collection of Weedie Parker treats at Friends, or check our entire Smoke Shop. Love all y'all jokers, smokers and midnight tokers.