We Love Susan Alexandra! 30% Off Her Coveted Pieces

We Love Susan Alexandra! 30% Off Her Coveted Pieces

Meet Our #VIF Aly Kula! Reading We Love Susan Alexandra! 30% Off Her Coveted Pieces 3 minutes Next Spring High! A 420 Friends NYC Event and Giveaway

[photo of Susan Alexandra sourced from us.hola.com]

If you haven’t feasted your eyes upon Susan Alexandra’s handbags and other beaded beauties, you won’t stop seeing them now. People are obsessed with her! There are notorious wait lists for her products and people all over the world are rockin’ her goods. Alexandra's pieces are delightful, colorful, and handmade with love. Rainbows, cherries, and whimsy, oh my!

For a limited time, at Friends, ALL Susan Alexandra items are 30% off. Now is the time to add another piece to your collection or get yours started!

susan alexandra ma cherie bag and cherry earrings


Grab the ICONIC Ma Cherie Beaded Bag (pictured above) and pair it with the Lolita Cherry Bead Earrings! We also carry the Merry Beaded Bag, if you're craving more color, or just shop our whole collection HERE!

Here are 3 cool things about Susan Alexandra, the woman and the brand:

1. Inclusion and JOBS!

Susan Alexandra’s bead studio is located in New York City. She strives to create a welcoming and inclusive home for design and creativity. Each item is made by hand which creates a myriad of sustainable jobs!

We Love Susan Alexandra! 30% Off Her Coveted Pieces

2. Community!

Susan Alexandra gives back to communities that inspire her. The company pledges to continue to use their platform to highlight and support various charitable foundations as a part of their brand mission. Foundations they've worked with include: the ACLU, G.L.I.T.S., No Kid Hungry and Black Girl Smile.

susan alexandra cherry bag

3. Pride and Craftsmanship

It is Susan Alexandra’s belief that “pieces made with intention and heart feel better, look better and create a better world.” You can even order a bead box from her website and make your own SA piece! That’s a prime example of creating agency! Love this concept! And also strongly agree that intention and heart are everything.

susan alexandra at friends nyc

We Love Susan Alexandra! 30% Off Her Coveted Pieces

We love to support women in business love everything about this inspirational designer. Her dedication to her local and global community are infused in her products. Let’s get shopping and bring the sparkle and color out into the world as it warms up, people get vaccinated, and we move out of our sweatpants and into our cute spring lewks. (Though a SA bag or earrings would look great with sweats too!)

susan alexandra moo card case



Happy shopping!