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Why Shop Vintage Clothing?: Sustainability in Fashion

Hey, BFFs! Today we want to talk about why shopping vintage clothing is truly one of the coolest things you can do for your wardrobe and the planet. Whether you're a vintage fashionista already or getting ready to dip your toe into the wonderful world of vintage fashion for the first time, here are three great - and sustainable - reasons to hit a vintage store the next time you go shopping.

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Sustainability - It's better for the environment!

One of the largest environmental issues right now is the manufacturing process to produce new clothing. According to some estimates, the fashion industry produces 10% of carbon emissions and is the second largest consumer of water in the world. And that’s not even talking about the millions of tons of used clothing that ends up in landfills. This is a large reason why people and companies are finding ways to support and encourage sustainability in fashion. Most recently, Friends NYC made the choice to eliminate all contemporary clothing from our Brooklyn shop to allow more space for sustainable vintage shopping choices. 

When you shop second-hand vintage clothing you're recycling. Instead of buying new, shopping vintage clothing means you are directly reducing the amount of waste while saving a little piece of history. Plus, when the demand for new clothing -- especially inexpensive, cheaply made fast fashion -- is lower, there’s less pollution from manufacturing waste. 

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You get higher quality clothing at lower prices.

Because vintage clothing is pre-worn, you tend to find pieces that are of a higher quality. Lesser quality garments just don’t hold up long enough to become vintage. In the past, people expected to wear a garment for a long time and mend minor issues if needed. In many cases, clothing is made of natural fibers with textures and prints that are superior to modern synthetic blends. 

Bonus! That higher quality comes at a more affordable price when you shop vintage clothing. You really can get the most for your clothing dollar. Not only will your garments last longer, but they are not going to be anywhere near what you’d pay for a new piece of the same quality. Vintage shopping also makes designer clothing available at a fraction of the price. At Friends NYC we do select designer vintage drops throughout the year to complement the more casual and everyday looks.

Some of the most popular types of vintage clothing sought out - overall and at our Brooklyn based vintage shop - are dresses, graphic t-shirts (shout out to single-stitch, IYKYK), crewneck sweatshirts and hoodies. 

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It's a great opportunity to express your beautiful, unique self!

One of the best reasons for buying vintage is that it frees you from what’s “in” in retail. You are able to experiment with an almost variety of looks from different eras or mix and match to find the style that truly expresses your quirky, fun, unique, wonderful self. Are you into Dark Academia? Cottagecore? Pin-up? Boho? Punk? Or a quirky mix of all of the above? There’s vintage for that. 

Even better...you never have to worry about showing up in the exact same outfit as someone else. With thrifted and vintage clothing, it’s virtually guaranteed that you are going to be the only one at any gathering dressed like you. Each piece is unique...which means you shouldn’t hesitate to buy something you really love. You may never see another one! With the affordable prices, you don’t have to wait.

To help you get started on the hunt for your next great find, Friends NYC is gearing up for our next big vintage drop on October 16th! Don't miss it!

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