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Fluorite Crystal Pyramid - Small

Fluorite Crystal Pyramid - Small

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An expressive stone, fluorite crystal comes in a wide color range from lighter pinks, purple, greens, yellows, clear to darker shades. Use the fluorite crystal in pyramid shape specifically for manifestations and stronger intention setting. Ideal crystal to bring mental clarity and drown out the noise of life, allowing you to make sharper and more beneficial decisions. These properties set the perfect stage for cleansing your aura. 

What does fluorite mean and do spiritually? Well, it comes in a few color varieties and that influences what it can assist with. Purple is more suited for balancing the third eye chakra and encourages reflective communication. Rainbow color variation is best for honing in on your intuition. Alternatively, you can help clear your solar plexus and increase inherent psychic abilities. A straightforward clear fluorite crystal does just that, cuts through outside noise for peak mental clarity. 

Size: Approximately 1.25"

Try in this fluorite crystal in a pyramid shape or tumbled. If you've got a lot to work to do in these realms, we suggest getting multiples to amplify the crystal's energy. Even more crystals are available in our Crystal Shoppe!

Fluorite Crystal Properties

Associated chakras: Heart, throat, solar plexus and third eye chakras (dependent on color).

Associated zodiac: Capricorn and Pisces.

Multiple crystals pictured, listing is for one crystal. If you have a color preference please share in order notes.

Origin: Imported.