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Hard Edge Lighter

Hard Edge Lighter

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Upgrade from your disposable lighter with an ultra chic reusable one. The sleek, refined, and utterly iconic Tsubota Pearl Hard Edge lighter will immediately elevate your surroundings. Bonus - just like a Zippo, Tsubota Pearl Hard Edge lighters stay lit until cap is replaced.

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Refillable. You must fill with Zippo/Zippo style lighter fluid - NOT butane. These are shipped empty, without lighter fluid.Lighting without fluid will make lighter seem defective but it is not ;) Remember that flints are consumables and need replacing at regular intervals. Wick length is shortened with use. DO NOT let wick get too short (maintain just over 3 mm length). Pull out gently with pliers periodically.

Designed by Japanese brand

Tsubota Pearl, the Hard Edge Lighter is a core piece of the luxe lighter and cigarette case maker. Tsubota Pearl has been doing its thang since 1952. You can trust that your Hard Edge Lighter is going to be *the* best! 

Materials: Polycarbonate casing, steel, cotton.
Size: 1.375" x .625" x 2.25".
Origin: Designed & made in Japan.

    Tsubota Pearl