Smiski Mini Figurine - Exercising Bff Gifts - Blind Box
Smiski Mini Figurine - Exercising Bff Gifts - Blind Box

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Smiski Mini Figurine - Exercising

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Introducing the collectible Exercising Smiski Mini Figurine! 🏆

  • SMISKI Doing Crunches: Witness SMISKI in the midst of a workout, tackling those abs. Cheeky muffin top included, isn't it adorable?

  • SMISKI Aerobics: Join SMISKI as it steps into an aerobic groove. Get ready to count along - one two, one two...

  • Little SMISKI Balance: Watch this tiny trooper tackle the balance ball. Ready to be inspired for your next core workout?

  • SMISKI Dumbbell: Spot SMISKI pumping iron; maybe a bit too ambitious with the weight, but it's the effort that counts!

  • SMISKI Hoop: Catch SMISKI in action, twirling the hoop. It's all about fun and fitness, and SMISKI's got the moves.

  • SMISKI Stretch: Observe SMISKI getting limber. Remember, stretching is key, and SMISKI's not skipping the pre-workout prep.

Each blind box is a chance to collect these delightful figures, perfect for those who love a fitness challenge with a side of cuteness. Whether for the collector, the fitness lover, or simply for a dash of motivation, these Smiski figurines are a glowing reminder to move, stretch, and smile. Get ready to unbox the joy and maybe even find that special rare Smiski waiting to join your collection!

Good Gift For:

  • 🏋️‍♂️ Gym Goers: Cheering figures for fitness enthusiasts with a playful streak.
  • 🖥️ Desk Decorators: Brighten up workspaces with these mini motivational mates.
  • 🎁 Surprise Lovers: For those who relish the excitement of a mystery box.
  • 💖 The Young at Heart: Spread smiles with a gift that’s cute and heartwarming.

Limit 6 per style. No discounts or promotions can be taken on this product.

Smiski Figurines You Can Shop at Friends NYC in Brooklyn and online!

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All Smiski Figurine Features

  • Glow Magic: The Smiski figure is like a nocturnal superstar, soaking up light during the day to shine bright when the lights go out. 🌙✨ Crafted from special phosphorescent material, this mini figure keeps the glow alive, even after the lights are off.
  • Curious Creatures: Smiski has a knack for hiding in plain sight, making every corner its cozy haven. We are obsessed with this kawaii trend!
  • Great gift for kids and your inner child: This Smiski Figurine is your ticket to quirky gifting – perfect for kids, adults, and everyone in between! 🎁🧚‍♀️

Size: 2" inches.

Materials: Glow in the dark ATBC-PVC.

Origin: Imported.

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