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5 Legit WEIRD Things That Happened on Friday the 13th!

Beware, Besties! Today is the only Friday the 13th for the entire year. Long considered a day for bad luck and downright weird occurrences, Friday the 13th has had a seriously bad rep since at least the 1800s when people started noticing that when the unlucky number 13 fell on a Friday, all hell breaks loose.  

Now, we don’t want to be too superstitious, but maybe it would be a good idea to burn a little sage and drop a few positive power crystals into your bag. You never know what can go down on a day known for some seriously strange happenings. Here are five super-freaky things that have happened on a Friday the 13th.

Lowestoft Seafront Air Festival August 13, 2010

lightning, 5 legit weird things that happened on Friday the 13th

    A teenaged boy in Suffolk, England, was struck by lightning while attending an airshow. The weird part? He was reportedly hit at 1:13pm...or 13:13 in military time. Oh, and he was 13 years old at the time. He did have some luck that day in that he only received minor burns and completely recovered. 

    Superstitious New Yorker Daz Baxter

    collapsed building, 5 legit weird things that happened on Friday the 13th

    And here’s one to show you can't hide from bad luck. On Friday the 13th in August of 1976, a man from New York named Daz Baxter decided to play it safe by staying home in bed. Unfortunately, sometime during the day, the floor of his apartment collapsed. He fell six stories to his death.

    The Murder of  Kitty Genovese

    kitty genovese, 5 legit weird things that happened on Friday the 13th

    One of Brooklyn’s most notorious murders happened in the early hours of March 13, 1964, which was -- you guessed it -- on a Friday. Kitty Genovese, 28, was attacked near her apartment building in Kew Gardens. It was originally reported that 38 people heard something going on, but no one called the police or intervened.

    The truth is even spookier. Genovese’s neighbors did call the police and a few yelled out their windows to scare the killer away. Genovese stumbled away, so witnesses assumed she was okay. Once they had all gone back to bed, the killer returned and attacked Genovese a second time in the stairwell of her building.

    Plane Crash in the Andes

    plane crash in the andes, 5 legit weird things that happened on Friday the 13th

    In October of 1972 on Friday the 13th, the Uruguayan Old Christians Club rugby team boarded plane to travel to a match in Santiago, Chile. Thinking they were near their destination, the pilots began their descent too early and hit an Andean mountain peak. Twenty-seven of the 45 passengers survived the crash and its immediate aftermath, but were stranded on a high-altitude snow field without cold-weather gear or much food for over two months before being rescued.

    During that time, some of the the initial 27 survivors died due to sickness and an avalanche. The final 16 survivors were forced to resort to cannibalism to stay alive long enough to be rescued...which wouldn’t happen until two of them hiked out of the rugged terrain for help.

    Future Friday the 13th

    asteroid, 5 legit weird things that happened on friday the 13th

    And just so you have a little something to look forward to...on Friday the 13th in April of 2029, the asteroid 2004 MN4 will pass closer to Earth than our satellites. It will even be close enough to view with the naked eye. Seeing that it’s Friday the 13th, you might want to keep an eye out for something extra-spooking from outer space to make an appearance.

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