pink double helix taper candle, trend alert quirky taper candles

Trend Alert! Quirky Taper Candles

Spending so much time at home in the last year has everyone scrambling to update their digs. Completely redecorating from the ground up might be a little much during these hot summer days and lights, it doesn’t mean you can’t seriously elevate your home style. One of the crazy sexy-chill trends we’re seeing to bring a little ambiance to your abode is a few unique, strategically placed taper candles. 

spiral taper candle, trend alert quirky taper candles
These aren’t the old-school tapers you’ve seen casting a flattering glow over romantic dinners in every rom-com ever. Whether you’re into the witchy vibe of spiral tapers or like your mood lighting served up with a handmade sculpted croissant candle that looks good enough to eat, it’s a brave -- and quirky -- new world out there. 
sculpted croissant candles, trend alert quirky taper candles

Here at Friends, we are totally here for it. We’ve curated a collection of quirky-cool candles to help you level up your décor. Whether you like a classic taper from Paddywax or one of the funky Burn tapers that are hand-molded in the U.K., we have some great on-trend candles to help you update any room.  

Burn hand-molded candles, trend alert quirky taper candles

And if trendy candles with a little scented magic are more your style, we have those, too...from the Full & Waxing Moon Candle made in the L.A. workshop of J. Southern Studios to the sublime scents of the vegan, cruelty-free, and phthalate-free Sunset Candles from P.F. Candle Co.

full & waxing moon candle, trend alert quirky taper candles

There’s even a selection of those twisty tapers everyone’s trying to DIY...and you don't even have to get wax all over your kitchen. And don't forget to check out our very own line of Friends NYC candles that's hand-poured right here in Brooklyn!

So grab this trend by the tail and dial up the cool quotient in your domicile with handmade statement candles from socially and environmentally conscious makers...all from your friends here at FriendsNYC.