Current Obsession: Zip Zap Immunity Syrup

Current Obsession: Zip Zap Immunity Syrup

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It's that time of year that we're bundling up, protecting our hands with gloves, wearing thermal leggings, and multiple cozy sweaters. We're so focused on staying warm that we often neglect protecting our insides too! 

We recently discovered a new product that makes it easy (and delicious) to keep our immune systems in check.

ZipZap Immunity Syrup is handmade by Sarina Dailey on Rockaway Beach. It's made in small batches to maintain the highest quality. The syrup includes organic roots, berries, warming spices and local honey. 

Current Obsession: Zip Zap Immunity Syrup

The main ingredient, elderberry has been shown to decrease the duration of colds and even the flu! It also has anti-inflammatory properties that can help treat infections and toothaches.

The other star of this syrup is echinacea purpurea. Research has shown that it can cut a cold’s duration by as much as a day and a half. It has also been noted that it can decrease your chance of getting a cold in the first place.

Current Obsession: Zip Zap Immunity Syrup

We love putting this syrup in our hot tea, mixed into seltzer, or just straight from the bottle! The cinnamon and orange peel definitely stand out and add so much flavor.

The bottles are made with a dark glass to protect the precious herbs from the sun. They are screen printed by Sara Gates, a local Brooklyn artist.

You can grab a bottle from our website or come into our store in Bushwick to check out our huge selection of locally made products!

Stay cozy! XOXO, FRIENDS