#FRIENDSFOCUS with Daisy Francis of Rebelle By Daisy

#FRIENDSFOCUS with Daisy Francis of Rebelle By Daisy

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#FRIENDSFOCUS is a weekly segment featuring our employees here at Friends. You will get to know them through a series of fun questions and learn more about their personal style and creative endeavors!
Daisy Francis is a one-women entrepreneur who is continuously turning her dreams into a reality. Daisy, born and raised in Brooklyn, started making customs for REBELLE by Daisy when she turned 21. The brand was created to evoke a minimalistic meets futuristic design aesthetic. REBELLE by Daisy is inspired from Daisy’s love for simplistic clothing with edge and sex appeal. 


Becca: When did you realize that you had a passion for design/fashion?

Daisy: My passion for design and fashion all came from my love of style/aesthetic. When I was younger my initial dream was to start my own online publication. I really enjoyed the creative directing aspect of fashion. Once further discovering myself my path led me to design. I started off by  simply teaching myself how to make clothing I could see myself wearing and the rest is history.

#friendsfocus with Daisy Francis of Rebelle by



B: What's your inspiration for creating?

D: My inspiration for creating comes from my love of futuristic meets minimalistic aesthetic with a 90s twist. I love to think of concepts that are simple but have some element of edginess to them. 

#friendsfocus with Daisy Francis of Rebelle by#friendsfocus with Daisy Francis of Rebelle by

B: Being an independent designer in NYC, what's is the biggest struggle for you, and what keeps you going?

D: Being an independent designer in New York can be extremely difficult . New York is a very fast paced place that it can begin to take a toll on you. It’s very important surround yourself with like minded creatives who inspire and encourage you to be the best you. I also recommend begin a self care regimen to keep you in balance. 

#friendsfocus with Daisy Francis of Rebelle by

B: Describe your favorite presentation/fashion show you've done:

D: My favorite presentation I’ve done for my brand REBELLE by Daisy was entitled Futuristic Minimalism. All of the designs included in this showcase were very sexy but include a futuristic element. I curated the concept, casted the models and handmade each garment with love. I used this as a method of marketing and also bringing a collective of cool girls together while showcasing my work.

B: Biggest aesthetic/fashion inspirations: 

D: Aaliyah, TLC, Blaque, blogger Ivania Carpio and Bratz dolls. 

#friendsfocus with Daisy Francis of Rebelle by

B: Any words of encouragement for other creatives?

D: I would encourage all creatives to take it one step at a time and go at your own pace. We live in a world of social media and on one hand it is a blessing being able to connect with likeminded creatives but on the other hand it can cause a lot of self doubt because people are only posting their accomplishments and you rarely see the hard work that goes on behind the scenes. I would say continue to create,  have fun with it and never lose sight of why you initially started. 


#friendsfocus with Daisy Francis of Rebelle by

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