Gifts for Aries Season - March 21st through April 19th

Give Good Gifts for Aries - The Ultimate Guide to Celebrating Aries Season

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Blooms are blooming, spring is finally springing - it must be Aries season! It's time to give gifts for the Aries friends in our lives! Our beloved Aries are passionate, confident, highly motivated, and have that get it going energy. So how do you match that energy and start gifting for them? Look no further, because we've got you covered with the ultimate Aries gift selects! If you'd rather get straight to all our suggestions check out our full collection!

All About Aries

The key to a good gift is reallly understanding the recipient. Before getting into gifting, let's get to know this fire sign & get hyped up for Aries season!

Key Aries Traits

  • Independent and self-reliant

  • Confident and assertive

  • Passionate and energetic

  • Adventurous and spontaneous

  • Impulsive and sometimes reckless

  • Quick to anger but quick to forgive

  • Competitive and driven

  • Optimistic and enthusiastic

Famous Aries Celebrity Birthdays

  • Lady Gaga (March 28)
  • Emma Watson (April 15)
  • Robert Downey Jr. (April 4)
  • Mariah Carey (March 27)
  • Celine Dion (March 30)

Famous Aries Pop Culture Moments

Aries season spans from March 21 to April 19, and over the years, many memorable pop culture events have taken place during this time.

  • The premiere of "The Godfather" (March 24, 1972)
  • The release of Nirvana's "Nevermind" album - ICONIC! (March 31, 1992)
  • The opening of Disney World (April 12, 1982)
  • The release of "Titanic" on VHS and DVD (September 1, 1998)

Aries Fave Colors

When it comes to colors, Aries tend to be drawn to bold, bright, and energizing hues. Here are some colors that are sure to please an Aries:

  • Red
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Bright pink
  • Metallic shades (gold, silver, bronze)

Aries Fave Foods

Serve up some bold and spicy flavors - Aries love this! But don't forget protein - Aries like their food to fuel their fire. Here are some foods that are sure to tantalize an Aries' taste buds:

  • Steak or other red meat
  • Spicy Mexican or Thai cuisine
  • Garlic or onion-heavy dishes
  • Fresh, crunchy salads with lots of texture
  • Citrus fruits and tangy flavors

Aries Compatibility - With Friends and Lovers

Aries are the leaders of the pack and have no shortage of friends and simps. Here are some matches made in heaven for Aries (or at least, in the stars):

  • Romantic: Leo, Sagittarius, Aquarius
  • Platonic: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Gifts for Aries

Now let's get gifting!

Have you ever been on the receiving end of Aries' have a fiery temper? While Aries can get big mad, they don't typically hold onto this anger. What they need is a quick way to blown off some steam! Having a 5 pack of Dad Grass ready should do the trick ;)

Gifts for Aries - Dad Grass Pre Roll 5 Pack at Friends NYC in Brooklyn

Aries love love love to stand out and make a fashion statement. Think big or bold or both! These Flame Emoji Earrings are distinct and allude to the fire associated with their zodiac sign. Gifts for Aries - Flame Earrings at Friends NYC Brooklyn

And of course, you could go wrong with zodiac signs themed necklace. We have a nameplate and medallion styles - perfect worn alone or layered together! Here is a super cute & thoughtful idea: gift a triple layer zodiac sign necklace trio of their sun, moon and rising signs. ☀️🌕 ☊

Gifts for Aries - Zodiac Sign Nameplate NecklaceGifts for Aries - Zodiac Sign Medallion Necklace

For as outgoing as Aries are, they are also the ultimate homebody! They need a lil something a cozy to set the relaxed mood in their home after they've had a full day of go-getting. Something like a distinct accent vase, or quirky candle will help shape an Aries space!

Gifts for Aries - Jarrito Mug VaseGifts for Aries - Fried Chicken & Mac and Cheese Fake Food Candles


Aries have a keen eye for detail and appreciate the best of the best. Think hand made, unique design and high-quality goods. Plus, you'll get friend bonus points when you gift something that meets this criteria! We think the Tattoo Glass Pocket Mirror fits the bill. It is hand painted in the traditional Peruvian reverse glass technique and has the vibrant reds and yellows. this fire sign adores.

Gifts for Aries - Tattoo Glass Pocket Mirror

Lastly, Aries appreciate a good surprise and adventure. If you're local to NYC, why not go on a street art grafitti tour in Bushwick? Our shop sits right within the mix of what locals call Morgantown - where all the artists, cool bars and good food are found off of the Morgan L train. You can stop by our store after or treat them to a dinner at our fave - Roberta's!

Don't let this Aries season pass you by without showing some love to your fave fire sign! The Aries gift collection at Friends NYC has everything you need to make them feel appreciated and understood. Trust - your Aries friend won't forget this gesture of appreciation anytime soon! 😉