Friends NYC x TheBrooklynBookworm Bookclub: February Select & 2022 Preview

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Hey, Alexis here! Welcome to the 2022 version of the Friends NYC X @theBrooklynBookworm Bookclub! We are going into our third year and we doing an exciting, tweaked format. This year we will be doing short video interviews with each book club author, curated and hosted by me, Friends BFF and VIF Alexis Patterson. Read more to see why I picked Well Read Black Girl for February, access the linked video interview with the author (coming soon!), and get an exclusive peek at our all of the 2022 book club selects!! 

Well Read Black Girl by Glory Edim TheBrooklynBookworm reads Well Read Black Girl



It was really hard to choose just one book for Black History Month, so this book is a treat – we get 21 stories from legendary Black women authors! This collection of stories reveals intimate memories from each of these women's lives when they first discovered themselves in literature. This really resonates with me. A good book not only entertains or inspires you but can be a mirror: you can feel seen or can see the possibilities of what you can become. It’s powerful.

Glory Edim, Author of Well Read Black Girl Alexis Patterson interviews Glory Edim for Friends NYC Book Club

Debuting 2/18/22 ~ keep an eye out!

Psst...check out ALLLLL of the 2022 Book Club Picks below! Get ahead of the game and give yourself enough time to plan out your reading list. Watch our socials and blog for more details of when book club will be getting together.