L’Obsessed: Introducing French brand Brigitte Tanaka

L'Obsessed: Introducing French brand Brigitte Tanaka

Enchanté, mes amies! We are L'OBSESSED with this French-Japanese duo of designers, Brigitte Tanaka, and we want to invite you in to la magie!

Brigitte Tanaka store Paris brigitte tanaka paris

A couple years ago, Mary and Emma visited their shop in Paris and absolutely fell in love. Located at the corner of rue St-Roch and rue St-Honoré, the shop is built into the ancient church of St-Roch. Everything inside this boutique is tiny. It is truly a wonder to behold and a reflection of the artistry and creativity of the two women behind the brand. Très chic!

 Brigitte Tanaka store Paris  st roch church paris

They are Brigitte Giraudi and Chieko Tanaka. They balance each other: Brigitte bringing the conceptual and Chieko bringing the romantic femininity. Both are passionate about design and incorporating elements of French and Japanese culture into their products. You KNOW we can get down with two best friends going into business together and creating an aesthetic.

 Brigitte Tanaka store Paris  brigitte tanaka store paris

Their work together is “centered on the misappropriation of everyday objects,” and is often drawn from French or Japanese culture. From their fashion accessories based on everyday objects to their semi-precious jewelry in the shape of mini Victorian objects, to their accessories inspired from the union of France and Japan’s capital cities, l’obsession is real. 

french monument mini matches


Until you can get over to their shop in Paris, check out the items we carry at Friends. The Mini French Monument Matches, which are (as the name implies) the cutest and tiniest mini matches, bearing images of the most famous Parisian monuments. And these super cute and unique Faucet Dangle Earrings. Oui, s'il vous plaît! 


L’obsessed: Introducing French Brand Brigitte Tanaka


Nous vous aimons, Brigitte Tanaka!