Meet Our #VIF Sophie Collé

Meet Our #VIF Sophie Collé

Have you ever seen an apartment on Instagram and wished you could live in it? That's how we feel about Sophie Collé's Bushwick loft and we are majorly coveting all the furniture she designs for it. Sophie is our VIF this month - that's Very Important Friend - and we couldn't be more stoked to be hosting this super talented Bushwick based (she's our neighbor!) furniture designer. We caught up with Sophie about where she finds creative inspiration, her most desired piece of furniture, and her ironic love of Glee (we feel you, Sophie). Shop Sophie's Top 20 collection here and do some good while you're at it- 5% of her sales will be donated to the Loveland Foundation.

Currently living: In an extremely sunny Bushwick loft :)

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Pronouns: She/her.

I am a: Furniture designer.

Go to self care when you’re feeling that lingering 2020 anxiety: My Lexapro and a nice hot shower to reset the day <3

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If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be? Sushi.

Next vacation destination ASAP (post pandemic ofc): Miami on a budget or Italy on a splurge...we'll see!!

Home decor trend I’m crushing on rn: Loving the extra-ness of all the rug accounts on insta right now - it's making me want plushness everywhere!!! (and a plug - follow one of my besties rug accounts!! @studiosasa <3)

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Who is an influential muse /or major inspo in your life? My mom, always! she taught me everything and is one of the most talented artists I know. Also my bestie and studio manager Sara, and my girlfriend Zoë!

3 essentials you can’t live without: My cat, Miss Cordelia Basketball, a lot of ambient lighting in my house, my purple shampoo for my bleached hair.

Just finished binging: I am unfortunately one of those sick 24 year olds that cannot stop watching Glee - (ironically of course).

Last instagram account you followed?: I followed @mayafuhr last night and am obsessed with their work! Super dreamy pastel and neon portraits.

Where do you find inspiration for your design work?: All over! I get inspired by anything that is fun - whether that be an old movie (my all time favorite is "Toys" made in 1992), colorful plastic bins at the 99 cent store (my kink), or other artists online. Historically I am most inspired by the Memphis Group, who as a collective, were churning out super eclectic and silly pieces in the 80's. I aim to evoke the same amount of joy and discovery in my own work!

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What's your most coveted piece of furniture?: Currently dying for Charlotte Perriand's cow print LC4 Chaise Basculante but will accept anything by Peter Shire :)

Advice you would give yourself 10 years ago?: Sophie you're a lesbian!!!!!! (would have saved me some time).

Anything new you’ve been working on or excited to see come to life in 2021 you wanna share?: I'm currently giving my entire loft a serious make-over and its really reinpsiring me for new work to come. Hoping to delve into some new areas like lighting and larger storage pieces - all frilly of course!

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Tell us why you picked The Loveland Foundation as your non-profit?: The Loveland Foundation is dedicated to helping communities of color, but specifically young women and femmes, heal via direct aid and therapy. The foundation was founded as a result of a super successful birthday campaign organized by Rachel Cargle, and now offers resources such as residencies and learning opportunities as well. Personally, I can confidently say that my psychotherapist saved my life this past year, and I am so grateful and cognizant of the privilege that is associated with not only a mental health diagnosis, but the subsequent treatment and upkeep. It's an intense burden to try to stay healthy and above water when you belong to an underserved community, and the Loveland Foundation is a great channel to help ease that burden for some. 

Where can we find you on the internet and beyond?: I'm tethered to my instagrams @_sophiecolle & @sophiecolledesign. I also started @devils_in_design for anyone in the art and design world who needs to vent about an abusive or toxic workplace. I have a website that will hopefully be getting a makeover soon :)

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