Artist Made: Who is Carolina Spitzer?

Artist Made: Who is Carolina Spitzer?

Short answer...Carolina Spitzer is a local ceramicist and the creative force behind a new line of Artist Made homewares only at Friends NYC! 
Short answer...Carolina Spitzer is a local ceramicist and the creative force behind a new line of Artist Made homewares only at Friends NYC!  But there’s more to Carolina and her brand Carola Spitzer! She started making her gorgeous, unique, and crazy-cool ceramics in 2017, mostly as a hobby. But her background in the creative industry as a graphic, packaging, and textile designer gave her the skills and knowledge to take that hobby to the next level. carolina designing, who is carolina spitzercarolina working, who is carolina spitzer

Under the name Carola Spitzer, she harnessed her passion for home interiors to conjure up a line of whimsical, sophisticated products that help people create cozy living spaces that reflect who they are and how they want to live. In short, she helps transform houses into comfy homes.
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Carolina took a break from creating her modern family heirlooms to answer a few questions to help Friends get to know her a little better.

What first led you to ceramics? 

I wanted to experiment with a new medium and get away from the screen for a while...I was first very drawn into learning to throw on the wheel and slowly became more seduced with handbuilding.

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What do you like most about it?

The process of total transformation the material undergoes is pretty magical. It’s turning mud into gold. I like how plastic the medium is, and how many ways there are of working around it. There are infinite techniques and some have been around for centuries. To me, that gives the finished products a special energy, a soulful feeling. 

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Where do you find inspiration for the pieces you create?

The process is pretty intuitive, most of my products came up as I was sitting with clay without a specific purpose. That said, I'm always looking through imagery, both digital and physical. Travel and home décor magazines and children’s books always spark ideas. For general inspo, I’m mostly drawn to everything whimsical, folk, and mid-century modern. Evelyn Ackermans work is a favorite...and Picasso’s ceramics!

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And last, what are your top three favorite items at

Zodiac Medallion Necklace...I’m a cancer!
 zodiac medallion necklace, who is carolina spitzer?
dickies short sleeve coverall in white, who is carolina spitzer
glossy double helix taper candle,

Shop Carolina’s Artist Made, one-of-a-kind handcrafted pieces Sun Trinket Dish and Snow White Match Striker only at Friends NYC!

sun trinket dish, who is carolina spitzer  snow white match striker, who is carolina spitzer