Cast A Spell: Here’s Everything You Need to Magically Reset for 2021

Cast A Spell: Here's Everything You Need to Magically Reset for 2021

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There’s something powerful about a new year. It’s a time of collective and individual reflection. And don’t we ever have a lot to reflect on from this past year of turbulence and change in 2020? It’s easy to get swept up in the big picture and lose sight of our own needs and desires. This new year feels big and promising - a new president, a vaccine, an awakening toward racial justice we hope keeps its momentum. We also need to care for ourselves on a personal level. To remember where we fit into the whole picture individually and turn inward. How do we take everything we’ve been through and use that to set intentions for the new year? And what if we just want to shake it off and reset for 2021?

Mary Meyer has written the 2021 Intention Ritual Spell to help you leave behind what doesn’t suit you from 2020 and channel your goals for the new year. Click through the links to stock up on the supplies you need for this beautiful reset ritual, and get witchy with us.

2021 Intention Ritual - Reset

Supplies needed:

Setting Up Your Altar:

Place your Reset Candle in the center, and set the Black Ritual Candle on the left and the White Ritual Candle on the right.

Prepare the Santo and Sage on a plate, ready to burn.

Pour a little Black Salt into the Selenite Bowl and place the wand next to it.

Place crystals in a semi-circle around the candles

Cut down paper into 2 small squares

If possible, it’s a good idea to take a bath before your ritual with 2 Tbsp of the Black Salt. The salt helps neutralize your energy and also provides protection. You may also use Blue Sage Goddess Detox bath salts. If you don’t have a bathtub, you can take a shower and use some Black Salt as a scrub, which is nice and exfoliating! When getting dressed after your bath, choose light-colored, comfortable clothing.

Cast a Spell: here’s everything you need to Magically Reset

Performing The Ritual:

Sit at your altar and take some time to settle in. Center yourself and take 10 deep breaths, and then imagine yourself in a very simple state - happy, relaxed, free of whatever plagues you and filled with whatever you yearn for. Don’t think of any particular details or how you achieved this sense of calm, just relax into this blissful picture. With that picture in mind, start by lighting your 2021 Reset Candle.

Cast your circle. Take your white sage and light it. Smudge around yourself in a circular pattern, and don’t forget to smudge behind yourself as well as in front. As you do this, say out loud: “I am casting my circle and clarifying this space around me. I am preparing to cast my Intention Spell.” Then take your Palo Santo, light it, and do the same thing, while saying: “I am drawing positive energy into my circle.” Last, take your black salt, sprinkle just a tiny bit around you, and say: “I am planting protection around myself and creating a space of healing.”

Now, take some time to think about what you want to leave behind in 2020. Maybe jot down some thoughts in your journal about this. What energy you are ready to let go of? Is it a person? Is it a state of mind? Is it a toxic habit? Once you have a clear picture of that, write it on one small square. Next, think about what you want to draw in this year, what you want to achieve. Are you asking for love? A different job? A baby? A healthful habit? Once you have this in mind write it down on the other square. 

Cast a Spell: here’s everything you need to Magically Reset

Use your pencil to carve this symbol 3 times into your Black Candle: a circle with a cross through the middle (pictured above). This is the Uncrossing symbol. As you carve it, think of what want to leave behind in 2020, and say out loud: “I am uncrossing myself from______.” Next, carve 3 hearts into your White Candle. As you do so, think about what you want to draw in and say: “I am drawing in______.”

Set up your candles to burn. As you light each one, keep the intentions you have in mind. Take your slips of paper and twist them into wicks. Light the Releasing paper on the Black Candle, saying out loud: “I uncross myself from  ______. I leave you behind. Good bye!” Let it burn out on the sage plate. Now, light the Drawing In paper on the White Candle and say out loud: “I call you to me ______. I draw you in.” And let it, too, burn away.

Sit for 10 breaths, breathing in what you are channeling and breathing out what you are letting go. After sitting with your candles, write down in your journal 3 steps you could take to actualize what you are channeling in. Three positive steps you can take in your life to help you achieve your dreams.

Once you are done, relight your sage and close your circle. Say out loud: “I close this circle and draw to me my intentions. I give thanks to my angels and ancestors that always help guide me.”

Let your Black and White Candles burn down till they are stubs. Let your Reset Candle burn for at least 4 hours. When you relight it, make sure to light it with your positive intention in mind.


Cast a Spell: here’s everything you need to Magically Reset

Here’s to 2021, BBs! Love you and together we can all achieve our DREAMZ!