Meet our #VIF Jordan Kolunie

Meet our #VIF Jordan Kolunie

Work it girl!  We caught our breath with NYC fitness instructor, January VIF and Friends Fit fave, Jordan Kolunie, on what’s getting her and her dog Carisle thru the pandemic, how she approaches a pomegranate and her current fashion obsession!  Plus why she chose Bed Stuy local, The Campaign Against Hunger, as her non profit benefactor.  Shop Jordan’s TOP 20 here and use her code JORDANVIF for 20% off + 5% of all sales goes toward The Campaign Against Hunger! 

Currently living: Currently living in Brooklyn, NY. Going on my 5th year as a transplant from Philadelphia. 

Meet our #vif Jordan Kolunie

Preferred Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

I am a: Pilates teacher at YO BKVerayoga, and The Studio. When I’m not teaching I’m doing digital marketing at Dobbin St & more. 

Go to self care when you’re feeling that 2020 anxiety: Yoga! Stretching and breathing works wonders. My go to is Power Vinyasa but my favorite is Yin.  Also CBD & walks by the waterfront with my French Bulldog, Carlisle. 

If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?: 100% my mother’s eggplant parm. Maybe pickles? Both I can not live without. I get sent back to Brooklyn with a large tray of parm after every Philly visit. 

Next vacation destination ASAP (post pandemic ofc): My dad is Albanian and we’ve never taken a trip to Albania so I am dying to go! I’ve heard wonderful things about the Albanian Riviera. 

Meet our #vif Jordan Kolunie

Fashion trend I’m crushing on rn: Tbh I’m kind of loving the sweater vest trend. I need to find the right one though. Also - sustainable fashion! A lot of people finally seem to be on board which is great news.

Who is an influential female muse /or major inspo in your life?: There are three, but I will always go back to SJP’s Carrie Bradshaw looks. Remember when she wore a belt around her waist ABOVE her skirt? Iconic. Kirsty Godso is a literal beast, and don’t even get me started with Zoe Kravitz. I’d like those genes. 

3 essentials you can’t live without: Tiny gold hoops - I never take them off, not even to work out. They make everything cuter. Kombucha - it does wonders for your gut health and is so great after a workout. CBD - the stress and anxiety of 2020 hit me like a brick, CBD was a lifesaver. 

Meet our #vif Jordan Kolunie

Favorite Girl Group of All Time: The girls from Sex and the City. I want to be a part of that group so bad. I heard a reboot is coming! 

Last instagram account you followed?: @Alexsilverfagan. She’s a Nike Master Trainer and I usually do her yoga classes in the morning. Her classes are meditative with a mix of strength - a perfect way to start the day. She seems like a really kind soul. 

Stressed when: Whenever I don’t start my day off with a little bit of movement or mediation. It makes my body feel super wacky. 

Impressed when: I can get all of the seeds out of a pomegranate in under 30 mins. My dog Carlisle does absolutely anything because he is perfect in my eyes.

Meet our #vif Jordan Kolunie

Anything new you’re working on or excited to see come to life in 2021 you wanna share?: Yes! I’ll be a certified yoga teacher by April 2021 and I could not be more excited. I’ve always wanted to deepen my practice and give to others what it gives me - a calm heart and strength in my mind & body. Cya in class!

As a fitness instructor, what are some of your go-to moves for the at-home body-yody? This is tough - so many to choose! If you have ever taken my classes you know I love a pulse. Lunge pulse, squat pulse, arm pulse, etc. Down dog abs are also a go to - a mix of stretching and strength. 

What have been your favorite ways to unwind and self-care during the pandemic?: I have been finding so much joy from roasting vegetables & making soup from scratch. It makes me feel good and my apartment smell great. You’ll also find me just about every night sitting down to watch the news and then Jeopardy. The news is a weird way to unwind I know.  In terms of self care, I constantly remind myself and my friends that we are in a global pandemic and never feel like you are not doing enough. You are always enough :)

Meet our #vif Jordan Kolunie

Tell us why you picked The Campaign Against Hunger as your non-profit? I picked the Campaign Against Hunger as my non-profit because everyone has a right to a warm meal and access to fresh healthy foods. They have been making a difference in the neighborhoods surrounding me since 1998. They have so many programs from a food pantry, nutrition education classes, workshops, health insurance enrollment, SNAP registration, paid internships, and a handful of other social services. What I really love about them is their Far Rock Urban Agro-Ecological Center. This is an urban farm where fresh fruits and veggies are grown and distributed to the local community. 

Where can we find you on the internet? You can find me at @Jordankolunie on IG and on the Friends NYC page working out!