Paine’s: The Scent You Didn’t Know You Are Nostalgic For

Paine's: The Scent You Didn't Know You Are Nostalgic For

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Do you ever smell something and find yourself instantly transported into reminiscence? Scent is one of our most powerful ties to memory. The aroma of balsam fir is deeply connected to the state of Maine, and exactly what Paine's, the Auburn based, family-owned company, encapsulates. We at Friends NYC love the spirit of a small business and their dedication to their local product. The Paine’s goodies we carry have been a Friends Fave for many years at our Bushwick store. This holiday season, our customers were balsam fir crazy and we sold over 400 Paine's log cabins alone!

    Paine Products, Inc. dates back to the early 1930’s, and their incense making techniques have not changed since. They don't use any modern-day automation—the incense is made by hand. Paine's receives truckloads of balsam fir tips from local woodsmen, dries them, grinds them down to aromatic bits, presses into incense and then dries the incense cones out. That’s it! No chemicals are ever added. You can see their old school process here in this video.

    Here is a selection of our favorite Paine's goodies:

    Paine’s: the Scent you didn’t know are Nostalgic for

    Big box of 50 logs of Paine's of Maine balsam fir incense. This incense style is a shorter, cylindrical log compared to Paine's other styles. It can be used in the Paine's incense burners or in your existing incense burner dish. Comes with stand for burning the logs.

    Paine’s: the Scent you didn’t know are Nostalgic for

    Paine's Small Log Cabin Incense Burner - Balsam Fir. Light one of the 10 included incense sticks and set it inside the cabin and watch the smoke swirl out of the chimney. Each incense stick burns for approximately 15 minutes and fills your home with the beautiful scent of natural balsam. You can get the larger cabin here, and if you get super into the balsam scent, here are the incense refills

    Paine’s: the Scent you didn’t know are Nostalgic for

    Not into the log? Get the stick! Paine's Balsam Fir Incense Sticks come in packs of Twenty-Four, Forty or the mega-refill Seventy pack!

    Even if you’re not nostalgically tied to the state of Maine, this beautiful line of incense products is sure to take you back into some distant memories or create new calm and cozy associations when you burn it in your home.