Adore Your Core - Introducing Friends Fit!

Adore Your Core - Introducing Friends Fit!

By Ebony Baker

Show of hands; has anyone else raided their kitchen/pantry too often for the past four months? If your hand is raised, trust that you are not alone. The first step to a healthier life is acceptance. For me, that was accepting every love handle and roll that mysteriously appeared. Aside from any unwanted weight gain, it is safe to say that this time has brought on some much needed self-reflection which has led to acknowledging the importance of maintaining good health, practicing self-care, and finding ways to stay active. One of the best ways to do this is through exercise! As someone who has an on and off again relationship with exercising, I am constantly struggling with how to keep myself motivated. Being consistent can be hard when you are doing it alone. Fortunately, here at Friends NYC, we have an opportunity to team up with our new friend, Tatiana Barber, who will be hosting the first in our new series called Friends Fit! Friends Fit is a series that will focus on free wellness and fitness classes via Instagram Live, starting with Pilates with Tati on August 5th at 1 pm! We are excited to introduce her and encourage you all to keep scrolling and get to know more about Tatiana!


Adore your Core - Introducing Friends Fit!


Q. Tell us about yourself and when you started Pilates?

A. My name is Tatiana Barber. I am a 25-year-old entrepreneur and freelance professional dancer. Originally from Los Angeles, CA, I moved here about two years ago to expand my career and experience something new. Since moving to NYC, I have performed on many stages (The Tank, Met Opera, La Ma Ma, etc.) and taught a wide variety of clients at studios in the city and Sag Harbor, Hamptons. I started doing Pilates in 2017 and received my certification in 2018. Before moving here, I founded my own business called PILATATIS, an evolving fitness brand based in Pilates and High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts, and ran a private studio in my grandmother's home. 

   Adore your Core - Introducing Friends Fit!

 Q. What are the benefits of doing Pilates? In what ways has Pilates helped you? (This may include mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.)

A. Some benefits of doing Pilates are core strength, flexibility, greater range of motion, stability, mindfulness, deep breathing, coordination and more. The list goes on, but ultimately Pilates is a full-body workout. Pilates has helped me to understand where my body is out of balance. It challenges me mentally, physically, and emotionally due to the need for consistency and discipline. Pilates requires great focus and the willpower to go along for the journey; It trains you to not always seek quick results because, along the way, you learn a lot of new information about your body. The work is tailored to what your body needs that day. I like to make sure my clients know that modifications are always available and it doesn't make the work less than, it's just different. Trust me, you will always feel challenged. The progress and outcome are very rewarding. 

 Adore your Core - Introducing Friends Fit!

Q. What does your personal fitness routine include?

A. My personal fitness routine includes some form of movement every day. The body needs movement to maintain optimal health, so I rotate between Pilates, HIIT, roller skating, yoga, and long walks.

Q. What advice would you give someone interested in starting Pilates?

A. My advice to someone who's interested in starting Pilates is to try a private lesson or two first. Depending on your fitness level, the instructor, if you have any past/present injuries and/or a lack of awareness of the mind-body connection, you may quickly lose interest and/or hurt yourself; especially if you don't have a solid foundation. The foundation and taking accountability for your workout is key.

Q. What are you hoping friends viewers learn from your classes? 

A. What I hope friends viewers learn from my class is:

      - try your best not to judge yourself while moving

      - accept a challenge

      - you are stronger than you think

      - don't take yourself too seriously. 

      - #mindovermatter 

I think it is safe to say that friends’ viewers are in good hands with Tatiana. I for one can not wait to get started! 

For more on Tatiana, you may follow her on Instagram (@pilatatis); check out her website (; contact her at ( and subscribe to her Youtube page! 

Now keep calm & Pilates! See you guys August 5th!